Best Beer St John brewers

Best Beer on St. John-St. John Brewers

Best Beer on St. John-St.John Brewers

It’s a RULE….if you visit St. John, you MUST try a Virgin Islands Beer from St. John Brewers. If you don’t, you can’t come back to St.John. Seriously.

St John Brewers Beer St John USVIThe story of the brewery owners is legend in these parts. Two college buddies who became successful in the real world (one was a NASA scientist, the other a physical therapist at Boston Medical Center–honestly, we couldn’t make this stuff up!!!) quit their jobs, sold everything they owned and bought one way tickets to the Virgin Islands. They got jobs bartending, a cheap apartment, and they were happy. The only thing they missed from the states….handcrafted beer. They ordered a beer making kit on-line, and St. John Brewers was born. Their first beer, Tropical Mango Pale Ale, arrived on a 40 foot container ship and the two hand-delivered it to local bars and restaurants in their little pick up truck. Today, they offer about 6 different flavors of beer and have even ventured into root beer.

St. John Brewers weren’t immediately the Best Beer on St. John–it took a lot of work that we didn’t profile above in our little tale. These guys worked their butts off for the title of Best Beer on St. John, and they’ve earned it, so cheers to you, beer guys!

Virgin Islands Pale Ale is truly the flavor of the islands…and the best beer on St. John!

Best Beer on St. John – St.John Brewers

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