Trunk Bay St John USVI

Best Snorkeling on St. John-Trunk Bay

Best Snorkeling on St. John-Trunk Bay

Trunk Bay is easily the most popular destination on St John because of its breathtaking beauty. Located just two miles beyond downtown Cruz Bay, Trunk Bay is a National Park beach best known as home to the Underwater Snorkel trail…and it’s a snorkel trail like no other! This is definitely the Best Snorkeling on St. John.

First and foremost, Trunk Bay itself is absolutely stunning. Probably the world’s most photographed bay, its perfect crescent sands are dotted with swaying palms and seagrape trees that add amazing color and thankfully, shade to this incredible spot. But, if you just stay on the beach, you miss the very best part of Trunk Bay–you’ll find that underwater, with the Underwater Snorkeling Trail.

The St. John Underwater Trail surrounds a small “island,” which is really just a big rock. As you wade out in shallow water, the trail begins with signage telling you what you can expect to see. There are a total of 15 artistic underwater plaques that identify the variety of corals and fish inhabiting the area. The variety of sea life is amazing, and the combination of colorful corals, stunning fish and warm water make this experience a once-in-a-lifetime that’s not to be missed.

Trunk Bay is also the best snorkeling on St. John because the waters at Trunk Bay are so calm, parents can relax and enjoy the natural wonders of Trunk Bay while children safely play on the shore and in the gentle, shallow waters. No worries about being knocked over by waves or pulled under by currents. The only real danger here are the crowds, so if possible, get there before the cruise ship crowd arrives or after they leave–or both. The sea life in the morning and the sea life in the late afternoon are completely different!

Hands down, the Best Snorkeling on St. John is Trunk Bay, so plan to spend a few hours exploring this exquisite area.

Best Snorkeling on St. John-Trunk Bay

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